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Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Education Classes

EDUC 1010 Foundations/Introduction to Education G. Bartholomew
EDUC 1010-02 Foundations/Introduction to Education W. Odil
EDUC 1010-03 Foundations/Introduction to Education Gudrun Parr, M.Ed.
EDUC 1010-04 Foundations/Introduction to Education Susan Harrah
EDUC 2010-01 Introduction to Exceptionalities G. Bartholomew
EDUC 2010-03 Intro to Exceptional Learners Hollee Cullen
EDUC 2400-01 Foundations of Multicultural Education/ESL Gudrun Parr, M.Ed.
EDUC 2400-02 Foundations of Multicultural Education/ESL Dr. Adriana Brandt
EDUC 2400-03 Foundations of Multicultural Education/ESL Belinda Jaggi, M.Ed.
EDUC 2500-01 Technology for Educators & Electronic Portfolios Barbara Pugliese, M.Ed.
EDUC 2500-40,41 Technology for Educators & Electronic Portfolios Dr. Tracey Wheeler
EDUC 3110-01 Educational Psychology Greg Bartholomew
EDUC 3110-02 Educational Psychology Dr. Terry Young
EDUC 3110-03 Educational Psychology Dustin Drake

Elementary Ed. Classes

ELED 3100-01 Curriculum Design, Planning, and Assessment/Practicum Dr. Sandy Petersen
ELED 3150-01 Principles of Early Childhood Education Nancy Hauck, Ph.D.
ELED 3250-01 Effective Classroom Management/Practicum Sandy Petersen, Ph.D.
ELED 3300-01 Literacy Intermediate Grades Angela R. Child Ph.D.
ELED 3350-01 Literacy Acquisition of Young Children Angela R. Child Ph.D.
ELED 3410-01 Language Acquisition/Cognition-ESL Dr. Chizu Matsubara
ELED 3420-01 Assessment for ESL and Curriculum Dr. Chizu Matsubara
ELED 3500-01 Methods in Healthy Lifestyles/PE Nancy Hauck, Ph.D.
ELED 3550-01 Curriculum Early Childhood Angela R. Child Ph.D.
ELED 3650-01 Assessment for Young Children Dr. Adriana Brandt
ELED 3900-01 Differentiating Instruction for Exceptional Learners Dee Murray, Ph.D.
ELED 4100-01 Methods in Teaching Elementary Mathematics Greg Murray, PhD.
ELED 4200-01 Fine Arts in Elementary Education Nancy Hauck, Ph.D.
ELED 4300-01 Methods in Teaching Elementary Science Nancy Hauck, Ph.D.
ELED 4400-01 Methods in Teaching Elementary Science Nancy Hauck, Ph.D.
ELED 4410-01 Methods, Strategies & Materials for Language Arts/ESL Dr. Adriana Brandt
ELED 4430-01 Family/Parent Involvement Educ. ESL Dee Murray, Ph.D.
ELED 4440-01 Social Studies Methods Dee Murray, Ph.D.
ELED 4600-01 Methods in Teaching Elementary Sandy Petersen, Ph.D.
ELED 4989 Capstone Dee Murray, Ph.D.,

Secondary Education Classes

SCED 4989-01 Student Teaching Seminar/BLENDED Dr. Tracey Wheeler