Secondary Education Praxis II

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) requires candidates to pass the PRAXIS II exam before they can receive their teaching license.  Therefore, passing scores are required for admission to the DSU Secondary Education Program.  The purpose of the test is to assess whether the entry-level teacher has the content knowledge that is needed at time of entry to the profession. The correct PRAXIS II test is dependent on the student’s content area.  Below is a list of required tests and passing scores for each content area offered at DSU.

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Secondary Education PRAXIS II Tests and Scores

Art Education: Test 5134 Minimum score of 158
Biology Education: Test 5235 Minimum score of 149
Biology/Integrated Science Education: Test 5235 Minimum score of 149
English Education: Test 5039 Minimum score of 162
Mathematics Education: Test 5161 Minimum score of 160
Music Education: Test 5113 Minimum score of 156
Physical Education: Test 5019 Minimum score of 152
Physical Science Composite: Tests 5245 and 5265 Minimum scores of 151 and 136
Social Science Composite: Test 5081 Minimum score of 159
Spanish Education: Test 5195 Minimum score of 168
Theatre Education: Test 5641 Minimum score of 162


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