Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Education is to create learning experiences for its candidates that foster collaboration, professionalism and competence in content and pedagogical knowledge. Through the integration of leadership, scholarship, reflection, and community partnerships, the Department prepares its candidates to be outstanding teachers within diverse and changing communities.

Program Claims (TEAC)

Claim 1: Subject Matter Knowledge

Candidates demonstrate knowledge in the subject matter they teach. (TEAC Q.P. 1.1, DM3: Subject Matter).

Claim 2: Pedagogical Knowledge

Candidates create effective and appropriate instruction, based on required subject matter knowledge/core standards, and assessments to meet the needs of all learners (TEAC Q.P. 1.2, DM2: Effective Pedagogy).

Claim 3: Caring and Effective Teaching Skill

Candidates demonstrate professional (e.g., caring, appearance, prepared, etc.) dispositions and use effective teaching skills to engage students in learning (TEAC Q.P. 1.3, DM6: Teaching Dispositions, DM4: Environment).

Claim 4: Learning How to Learn

Candidates seek learning experiences as sources of reflection and transfer what is learned to new situations (TEAC Q.P. 1.4.1, DM5- Reflective).

Claim 5: Multicultural Perspectives and Diversity

Candidates understand diversity differences (e.g., age, language, race, gender, ethnicity, etc.) (TEAC Q.P. 1.4.2, DM1-Diversity).

Claim 6: Technology

Candidates use technology to support instruction, extend student learning, and carry out professional responsibilities (TEAC Q.P. 1.4.3, DM2- Effective Pedagogy).