February 17, 2015

School of Education Curriculum Committee Meeting

February 17, 2015 2:00 p.m. NIB 117 MINUTES: December 16, 2014 – Approved by email vote on December 17, 2014 AGENDA: CHIZU MATSUBARA – Program Curriculum Modifications; Program Proposal; Course Addition
BS in Elementary Education Program Curriculum ModificationMove ELED 3550 and ELED 3650 from Semester II to Semester I; move ELED 3350 and ELED 4200 from Semester I to Semester II
STEM Endorsement Program proposal
STEM 5010: Data Analysis and Problem Solving in STEM Add course
MARK JEFFREYS – Course Additions; Course Modifications; Course Deletions
INDS 3800: Individualized Studies Seminar Add course
INDS 3805: Individualized Studies Lab Add course
INTS 4950R: Integrated Studies Senior Thesis Add course
HON 1010: Honors Methods Remove A suffix
HON 2010: Honors Guided Reading Remove A suffix
HON 3010: Honors Special Topics Remove A suffix
HON 3100: From Page to Stage: Literary Text, Staging, and Performance Remove A suffix
HON 4010: Honors Thesis Remove A suffix
INTS 4900R: Sr. Interdisciplinary Research Delete course
INTS 4910: Sr. Interdisciplinary Thesis Delete course
LINDA WRIGHT – Course Deletion; Course Additions
PEHR 2840: Coaching Basketball Delete course
PEHR 1105: Badminton & Pington Add course
PEHR 1125: Pickleball Add course
PEHR 3350: Motor Learning and Development Add course
PEHR 3400: Activity Programming for Special Populations Add course
PEHR 4900: Theories and Techniques for Teaching Fitness and Motor Skills Add course